Your Ownership of Real Estate.

Title Insurance is an insured statement of the condition of your ownership rights to a certain piece of property. An Owner's Title Policy describes your property in detail and states what limitations, if any, there are to your ownership.

Protecting You Against Hidden Risks

A Title Insurance Policy protects against loss from certain claims on real estate which cannot be discovered be examination of the public records. For example, the title to the home which you have paid for - and to which you have received a deed - could be threatened or lost by such circumstances as a forgery, or error in recorded documents. These hidden risks will be covered in your policy of title insurance, under its terms.

How A Title Insurance Policy Protects Against These Dangers?

If a clam is made against your title as covered by your policy, Team Title Protects you by: Defending your title, in court if necessary, at our expense, as to covered matters. Bearing the cost of selling the claim if it proves valid, in order to protect your title.

What Title insurance Means To You.

Peace of mind. An Owners Title Policy guarantees that the property that you are purchasing is free of undisclosed liens, confusion in the rights of ownerships, and other clouds on the title, In shortly, it guarantees that you own the property.

And you Pay Once.

There are no annual payments to keep your Owner Title Insurance Policy in force. Unlike other forms of insurance, the original premium is your only cost as long as you own the property.